Your aMMusing Narrator


Handle: Maurice Michaud
Why Misspell “Amusing”? Duh! Look at my initials! 😛
Alt. Handle: Whore of Babylon
Lets People Call Him “Moe”: No. Well …rarely. Here’s why
Citizenship: Canadian
E-mail: maurice at (you know what to change)
Location: Montréal, Québec (Halifax, Nova Scotia before 1 April 2008)
Hometown: Moncton, New Brunswick
Age: 52
Zodiac: Leo in fact, in manner and in loyalty, but Virgo otherwise
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Best Qualities: Fiercely loyal; meticulous
Downfalls: Coffee; perfectionism; a lion who’ll roar when pushed too far
Piercings: 2 — left ear & left nipple
Education: BPR & lifelong learner
Languages: French and English, and minimal (bad) Spanish
Work: Corporate drone
Politics: Way left
Does Maurice kiss other boys? Yes
Marital Status: Divorced
Current Goals:
Travel more
Plan to retire by 2025
Future Travel Plans:
— Paris, Mykonos & Tuscany one day
Farthest Travel from Home:
— North: Edmonton, AB, Canada
— South: Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico
— East: Berlin, Germany
— West: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Favorite City in Canada:
Montréal, QC
Favorite City outside Canada:
Tie: New York City and London
Best Vacation in Canada:
Québec City, 1990
Zaniest Vacation outside Canada:
Provincetown, MA, USA, 1992
Most Life-Altering Vacations Ever (Good or Bad):
Montréal / Québec City & Mexico, 2007