Just a Little Whine

Someone I know once said about his work, “I love my job; there’s just too much of it.” Now, more than ever, I can relate with that comment. I often used to feel that way while I was “only” running my little business, but now that’s a perpetual state.

By the end of today (and thus the work week for the day job), I will have done 19 conversion calls. Not all were successfully completed, but still, the number expected of me is 15 per week — i.e., 3 per day. The last time I looked, I have a potential of five appointment slots until the end of September, as 3 days (25, 26 & 27) are a write-off for calls because the day job is flying me to Toronto. Then I’m scheduled to be on vacation for 6 work days in October, which I think I desperately need even though I had a week off in August, but that further complicates the scheduling of appointments.

Meanwhile, over the next 7 days, in addition to the above, I’m expected to [a] put together my midterm performance evaluation and discuss it with my supervisor, [b] complete the data entry and programming for one of my other-job client, [c] prepare a proposal and contracts for another one of my other-job clients. Then, while in Toronto, I’ll be meeting one afternoon with the client in [b] above. Upon my return, I’ll probably have a few kinks to iron out for [b], plus I’ll have to finish [c] and create the infrastructure programming to support it, and complete the job for a third of my other-job clients. On the one hand, time-wise, I can’t afford to take a week off in October, but on the other hand, mentally and physically speaking, I can’t sustain this pace of 10 to 12 hours, 7 days a week, and retain my sanity.

{Interruption to do a conversion call for day job…}

Anyway, I have to get back to the day job. I wish I could stay mentally alert for 48 hours non-stop and plough through all that needs to be done. But since that’s not feasible, I’m trying to figure out what’s going to give.