Buster, Precocious Politician

Buster Thinks Harper SucksThe caption for this picture placed alongside a CBC story titled, “Harper willing to go to the polls over child-care allowance,” reads: “Solomon Buster Sitar, nearly seven months old, squeezes Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s nose at the Willingdon Heights Community Centre in Burnaby, B.C., where he confirmed his commitment to the Tories’ child-care plan. (Chuck Stoody / Canadian Press)”

It could have been, “Seven- month-old Solomon Buster Sitar expresses his dismay to Prime Minister Harper over the Tories’ plan to replace the previous government’s national daycare program with an inadequate $1200 direct but taxable allowance to his parents.”

It would be unseemly for me, at 40, to go up to the PM and viciously squeeze his nose or kick him in the kneecaps, so that makes Solomon Buster Sitar my hero of the day …because HE can get away with it.

Good on you, Buster!

{1} Thought on “Buster, Precocious Politician

  1. Is the Canadian public that stupid? Or are they just that self-involved that they only care (those in the upper income brackets) that they will have even more money, and to hell with the poor who will get their income supplement clawed back to less than 20 percent of the total. Either way, it ashames me that Canadians are either as stupid or greedy as they appear to be.

    It has truly put me in a state of political nervosa (politically induced vomiting associated with bulimea without the binging — best to not watch the news if you suffer from this condition).

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