Good Ol’ Boys in the Worst Sense

In the past, Canadians have come to expect Conservative candidates to be the pros at putting their foot in their mouth and saying really stupid things during an election campaign — things that worked against them and cost them votes. But it would seem that, in this campaign, the Liberals have taken a page from the Conservatives’ “bad form” book.

  • First, in mid-December, it was Scott Reid, Paul Martin’s communications director, who attacked the Conservatives’ plan to give parents $1200 per year per child to pay for childcare by saying on CBC News: Sunday, “Don’t give people 25 bucks a week to blow on beer and popcorn.”
  • Then, last Tuesday, Mike Klander, the executive vice-president of the Liberals’ Ontario wing, stepped down from his voluntary job after he posted in his blog a picture of Olivia Chow (NDP candidate in the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina and wife of party leader Jack Layton) next to a picture of a chow chow dog, with the caption, “Separated at birth.”
  • Today we learn that Industry Minister David Emerson, in a speech at a convention dinner in early December, said that Jack Layton has a “boiled dog’s head smile,” ostensibly “in reference to his constant chattering away with this great big grin on his face, pasted on, kind of an overextended grin” and “constantly seeing Jack Layton looking like a boiled dog’s head, talking about some of these shallow, ideologically driven policies of the NDP.”

These good ol’ Liberal boys are phenomenally stupid, arrogant, and desperate.

I must say, though, that I also disagree with the Conservatives’ idea for childcare. It doesn’t create new spaces, so yeah, it is quite possible that some parents wouldn’t spend the money directly on childcare — not because they’re bad financial managers, but because they wouldn’t have the opportunity spend the amount as it’s intended to be spent. That’s the simple point Reid should have made instead of trying to make a sound-clip joke which, understandably, fell flat and offended many.

You’ll notice that the other two comments were aimed at the NDP, and I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a big-time NDP supporter. However, even as I set this bias aside, I believe these nasty, unsubstantive slurs demonstrate that, again this year, the Liberals will do and say anything to sway the soft NDP supporters to their side in order to block the rise of the Conservatives. Clearly Klander, in particular, hasn’t found out that claiming a comment was made in his personal blog does not provide immunity. In other words, he’s only now figuring out what I’ve long figured out, in my case, about blogging about my clients. It’s the same thing, really.

Meanwhile — and unrelated — so much for the campaigning truce, eh? Interestingly, it’s the Conservatives’ good Christian Stephen Harper who’s broken it two days after Christmas. Fucking hypocrite!

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