Power of the Soundtrack

I don’t even know how to write this entry or what to write, yet after seeing the 1988 Australian film, The Everlasting Secret Family, I feel compelled to make some kind of comment about it.

Oh, what a bleak, sad film it is! I wouldn’t say it’s great film or a lost gem. Not even close. In fact, it’s creepy in so many ways. But the the main musical theme has floored me completely. It is beautiful, haunting and disconcerting, and gives a sad irony to the story told by this film — a fitting melancholy juxtaposing beauty (the song) and ugliness (the story). In my mind, it gives a whole new meaning to “It’s hurts so good.”

As I watched the film, I assumed the song was an old, very British men’s choir song. But then, as I started searching, I discovered it was an original score and nearly impossible to find. I downloaded a few shareware applications to try to get the track to share with you on this blog, but after several failed attempts, I gave up. Then I persisted to try to find the CD, and when I finally found it on Amazon, I ordered it without hesistation. I fear the rest of the CD will be trash and the track I want will be short, but at $9.95 U.S. including shipping, who cares!