Preparing for Steph’s Arrival

There’s no wind and it’s mild and humid tonight. It became hot and sticky by mid-afternoon in Halifax, but it’s continued to be very hot in nearby New Brunswick, thus triggering a chain of nasty thunderstorms.

Ste-Anne-de-Kent church goneMy take is that Nature is preparing for Steph’s arrival next week. After all, coming as she is from the thunder and lightening capital of the U.S., she wouldn’t feel at home, would she! So, not one but two bolts of lightening hit this church in Ste-Anne-de-Kent (about 1 hour north of Moncton), which caused the wooden structure to burn to the ground in a matter of two hours.

So, the Maritimes should be just like home for Steph! 😛

{3} Thoughts on “Preparing for Steph’s Arrival

  1. What a pretty church to lose! I may not be religious, but I do appreciate the charm some places of worship lend a community.

  2. Actually, I’m with you on that, Julia. Though not religious myself and that this post is rather flip, I don’t like seeing historic sites destroyed. (In fact, I think Steph hates thunder and lightening!) Like most people, though, I’m used to hearing about electrical problems or arson, so a “natural” incident like this one in these parts is remarkable to say the least.

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