Everyone Has a Dark Secret

Recently I found this blog where the author urges people to send him anonymous postcards containing their deepest, darkest secret.

This site has struck a chord in me. Some of the cards made me laugh; others made me want to cry. We all harbour secrets based exclusively on their real or perceived incorrectness.

Shame is very powerful and, in some cases, needlessly destructive. I strongly encourage you to visit PostSecret …as long as you do so thinking about your own deep, dark secrets. You needn’t (and shouldn’t) pass judgement given how these “revealers” are already, for the most part, doing a “good” job at beating themselves up.

{2} Thoughts on “Everyone Has a Dark Secret

  1. I visit that site on occasion, myself. I’ve considered sending in a postcard but there are enough there already stating some of the things I would write and I have 1 or 2 friends I’m close enough with to share personally.

  2. I have been visiting for many months now and continue to be entertained by these artistic expressions.

    While it is nice to think that they are all true words spoken by people who find this outlet to be their only salvation, I am sure some of them have been fabricated.

    Regardless, many of them are spoken from the heart and some are just plain chilling.

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