Young in the ’80s: Ever So Lonely

MonsoonWhen I was in my early 20s, still living in Moncton, my friend Sara and I would go absolutely nuts when the DJ at the Kacho would play this song by an obscure group about whom we knew nothing but its name: Monsoon (see at Listening to this song today brings back good memories even though at the time, Moncton was the last place where I wanted to be. Anyway, it’s pretty amazing considering it dates back to the middle of the 1980s.

Ever So Lonely (mp3, 6.0MB, 6:17)

Meanwhile, remember my confession about techno a few weeks back? Well, the following piece is not quite the genre I was referring to, but I defy you to walk away not cheery after listening to it.

Dreamed of You (mp3, 3.5MB, 3:39)

Or try this for a pick-me-up (note: huge file, but worth the wait). It’s the only techno tune I ever heard played in clubs in Halifax, and that was five years ago!

Life in a Northern Town (techno) (mp3, 12.2MB, 8:28)

And I think that the following piece is absolutely brilliant!

The Beauty of a Witch (mp3, 3.2MB, 3:20)

Startling contrasts of genres that really work: in the case of Monsoon, electronic and Hindi; in the case of the Witch, medieval and rock.

{2} Thoughts on “Young in the ’80s: Ever So Lonely

  1. I just had to go buy a handfull of Monsoon/Sheila Chandra tunes from ITMS. Thanks for sharing a terrific 80’s song. I don’t remember that much of my 20’s in the 80’s, but I seem to recall that there was a lot of Madonna playing in the background. I do remember that the song that always got me and Lisa hopping around on the dancefloor was “Color My Love” by a fluffy disco group called “Fun Fun”. I think they were Italian, but I could be wrong. That, and “(I Know) I’m Losing You” by Uptown. I lived with a DJ for a while in the mid-80’s and he had an astounding record collection that I still miss to this day…

  2. OMG, Brian, this is totally weird! You posted your comment just seconds after I checked your blog and said to myself, “Gee, I wonder if he’ll ever post anything ever again!” 😉

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