Coming Soon to My Country!

Finally meet Stephanie and her beloved Yoshi!

As I mentioned in my retrospective post, this cute duo will be moving to Halifax in July. Steph came for a 10-day visit last month, and if you can possibly imagine, she’s a trillion times sweeter in person than how she comes across on her blog and the comments she leaves at aMMusing. And how exciting it was to finally meet her after “knowing” her for nearly four years! I think she liked Halifax well enough; there was even a snowstorm while she was here, and she didn’t freak out and board the next plane back to Florida. Mind you, someone might have sicked a hiveful of bees on her if she had…

Once in Halifax, this longtime Canadaphile will be studying at NSCAD University. We’re not sure what Yoshi will do, but given he’s a Maine Coon weighing in at 22 pounds, we’re hoping he’ll overcome his poofster’s nature and knock some sense into the Terrible Tifman.

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