By Popular Demand

I took some time last night to finally register the “” domain name and convert to WordPress. While the transition from MovableType went relatively smoothly, there are some imperfections that I need to fix (particularly permalinks and images, which may lead me to turning this new blog on and off occasionally over the next while). I also spent more time than I should have to find a skin I liked. But I did all of this to finally shut up these people. 🙂

As many of you know, I’m quite fond of dark reds and tried in vain to find a skin that would combine this fondness with my need to have a template that was relatively plug-and-play, as I really don’t have more time to spend on this right now. Unfortunately, the few reddish skins I found were either too hideous, too autumn-like — I’m a summer person through and through — or didn’t meet my second criterion. So, given that two suspension bridges cross Halifax Harbour, this skin’s image, along with the skin’s smooth rounded look, won out in the end. The hell with red!

And huh… My first impressions of WP? I think I like it. After using MT for 2.5 years, I will need to get used to this script. But that’s to be expected. I definitely like not having to rebuild the blog every once in a while as is the case with MT, which makes WP more like my own TextStyleM. It would have been cool to have the time to adapt the latter for blogging, but that’s so not a priority for me right now.

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