On the Road, Finally!

I have an appointment with a client in Moncton on Wednesday morning, so I’m leaving Halifax tomorrow afternoon with BeeGoddessM‘s cat, the Terrible Tifman, so that BeeGoddessC (his other mommy) can take care of him while BGM is out of town next week.

When this appointment with the client came up, I thought I’d get a hold of all my out-of-town clients and go on a little tour while I’m at it, and then go on a short vacation. It’s been forever since my last real vacation, so even if this one is going to be short, it’s better than nothing. I’ll be hitting Moncton, Fredericton, Ottawa, Montreal, Grand-Falls, Moncton again, and back in Halifax on Feb. 26th. I think Junior is excited about finally going on a real road trip outside the Maritime provinces, even though it would be more fun if it weren’t in the dead of winter.

I’ve set everything up so that my clients can still reach me while away, so everyone should be happy. Now if only the MT spambags weren’t so creative in comment bombing my blog. To foil the blacklist, the lastest flurry come with HTML entities in the URL. Those fuckers just won’t give up, will they!

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