A Very Local Move

Well, it looks like I’ll be moving on either March 1 or April 1! Not very far, mind you… Same building, one floor down. Indeed, the super called today with news that she received a very unexpected notice from a tenant.

My New Place

The apartment that’s being freed up (two windows to the left above and two unseen towards the front) is not the one the supers and I were considering in December. It would actually be closer to where I am now. The building where I live is L-shaped, and I’m currently at the back of the shorter part of the L; I would be in the front of it now. And unlike in this apartment where the balcony gives to the living room, the balcony there would give to one of the bedrooms, which I’ll probably turn into my office. That would in fact be better than now since I spend so much more time in the office, so I might be moved to step outside more often when I need to clear my head of whatever I’m working on. The only possible hitch right now is that the second floor won’t be sufficiently far from the ventilation system, so I’ll be touring the prospective apartment on Tuesday afternoon just to make sure it’s worth the trouble of moving downstairs. I expect it’ll be okay, but if it’s not, then a move out of the building is in the picture for 2005.

Meanwhile, after being so cold in the apartment for much of the past week, I’m now back in the “there’s-too-much-heat” mode. Apparently some repair was done incorrectly on the furnace in December, leading to random apartments on my floor (including mine, obviously) not getting enough heat. Add the fact that today was the first when the high temperature wasn’t in the double-digit minuses (it was a balmy -2C today!), so I woke up roasting this morning. But my woes pale in comparison to those BeeGoddessM had to endure Friday night, when her furnace ran out of oil whilst the mercury had dipped to -18C (-27C with the windchill). Thankfully oil was delivered to her within an hour, although you’d think there should be a law in this climate against oil companies not believing you when say repeatedly that you’re on the verge of running out of oil…

{6} Thoughts on “A Very Local Move

  1. I’m not too concerned about that. Like my current Big Fat Swedish neighbour downstairs, the guy who lives upstairs is gone for weeks and even months at the time. The super also assures me that the people next and below me are similar to me as far as noise level (i.e., not very noisy). I think I’m 90% sure it’s a go at this point.

  2. That late 50’s early 60’s front entrance is so totally in again, don’t tell the super or they will double your rent.(How shallow was that comment?)….Bill

  3. That’s what I totally love about this building. 🙂 In fact, until a few years ago, I had one of the white enamel sinks in the kitchen, but it was pretty worn out by the time it went. The property manager is already eye this place for a major rent increase — not because it’s hip and in a hip neighbourhood of Halifax, but because the rent is just about the most inexpensive in town. The owner ignored this place for a long time …and we’ve not made any noise so we wouldn’t be noticed… ;-P

  4. Oh! The snow!? I lifted this picture from the management company’s website. From the look of things, it was probably taken in April or early May a few years ago.

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