Breaking the Silence

The first thing I noticed when I got up today was that the fans weren’t on. It turns out that yesterday’s blizzard and today’s deep freeze have screwed up more than half the infernal engines — except mine, of course — so they all had to be turned off. The theory now is that in order for them not to freeze up like that, they must NEVER be turned off, especially during the winter. So once they get fixed, it’ll be 24/7 humming and rumbling — no more 8 hour a day reprieve. *sigh*

The good news is that the cop is likely to move out within the next 8 months. The apartment in which I hope to move is in need of a lot of repair, but the idea seems to be that we can take a transitional month with only one vacant apartment to allow repairs to be done and move people around. Still, I’ll be engaging a Plan B early in 2005.

In the meantime, I’ll breathe in the last hours of golden silence I’ll ever have in this apartment.