Who the Hell Cares?

If there’s one type of signs that completely baffle me, it has to be stores that triumphantly announce, “Under New Management.” That’s a matter of importance to the employees of a given joint, but consumers couldn’t care less. I don’t get what leads anyone to believe such an announcement will lure customers.

{3} Thoughts on “Who the Hell Cares?

  1. Unless the last management absolutely sucked egg, in which case I don’t know why they don’t change the whole name and make it obvious.

  2. I’ve been known to drop by a place ‘Under New Management’ if I’d previously stayed away because of a bad experience.

    The one sign that really gets my goat is a ‘Closing Down Sale’ when the store has no intention of it. One of our local electrial shops has been advertising this for about two months. This store has a bad reputation and I suspect that no-one will miss it … but hurry up and close down already!

    If you are going to close at the very least advertise your date of closure.

  3. I see your point …both of you. But I think it would take more than an “Under New Management” sign to convince me to go back to a place that underwhelmed me.

    Along the lines of what bugs you, Damian, me it’s those “special offers” that are supposed to end on a given date which you know damn well will be extended, under the guise of “overwhelming demand.” Marketing ploys like that drive me crazy! We’re all so goddamn gullible, according to marketers. *sheesh*

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