I Would Like to Thank the Academy…

Well, actually, not the Academy but my building’s super. The gift of silence he gave me for Christmas Day really was golden. This is the second day that things have returned to the New Normal and now I fully understand how I’m not completely nuts for fantasizing about going on the roof with an ax and pounding the shit out of the infernal engines that have ruined my humble abode.

But that’s just fantasy. I would be the first suspect if something like that happened. Plus, I couldn’t afford to pay the cost of destoying property, which I believe would be higher than any satisfaction I’d derive from the destruction.

Practically speaking, I’ll make a point of dropping in on my super to thank him. But I’ll also ask if it’d be okay to call the cop who intends to move out to get a sense of an ETD. Regardless, I should make one resolution for 2005: Look into and apply for co-op housing. The concept itself just seems so sensible if outright ownership isn’t an option anytime soon.