On Having a Cool Yule

First off, Merry Christmas everyone!

I am having a really, really pleasant and relaxing Christmas. Last night I gorged in watching four movies and eating forbidden foods (chips, cheesies [without a fork], chocolate, rum & egg nog, shrimps). The movie I chose deliberately for its cheese factor was The Day After Tomorrow, and it did deliver the cheese I expected and then some. Thankfully I expected very little from …And Then Came Summer, plucked from the GLBT section, so I wasn’t disappointed when it turned out to be the yawner that it is. I unexpectedly found Steam: The Turkish Bath (Hamam) outside the GLBT section although it belonged there, and that film turned out to be pretty good. But by far the gem of the night, which I kept for last, was Good Bye Lenin, which I highly recommend.

However, for that last film, I would stay away from the so-called reviews at the IMBd website if I were you, at least until after you’ve seen the film. The discussion completely misses the point of the movie, lapsing instead into a flame war on the “evils of Communism.” No one would dispute that the regime installed in East Germany was one of the most repressive behind the Iron Curtain. What matters in this film is trying to understand why the mother made the choices she made and the repercussions those choices had on her children. The discussion in the IMBd website will provide me fodder for another blog entry if ever I can gather my thoughts on them.

I think I’ll be continuing my little film festival later today. I’ve looked up what’s playing in town this evening and I think I’ve settled on Kinsey, to be followed by A Very Long Engagement. Right now it is cool outside (-3C) but the sun is radiant, so a little drive in Junior might be fun after I have a little something to eat.

My building’s super has fulfilled my Christmas wish: When I woke up this morning, the Fan from Hell wasn’t running. I told him a few weeks ago that I would be home alone for Christmas and was looking forward to it, but what would make the day even better is if the fan “mysteriously” didn’t go off that morning. And it didn’t. Thus able to recall how quiet it could be in this apartment in the daytime, I am now more convinced than ever of my need to leave this otherwise pleasant apartment. A new tenant might not notice it because it would be normal; however, sitting here in the quiet, with no sound other than the fan on my computer and my fingers on the keyboard, I know what’s been lost and won’t ever be found again. It’s a pity.

The first thing I did this morning when I woke up around 11:00 is notice that lack of noise. The second thing was to make myself a pot of coffee and look up the phone numbers I needed to call family and friends. I placed half a dozen calls, starting with my sister and Mom, then my older brother, BeeGoddessM, and BeeGoddessC. I was only able to leave a message with RCP in Toronto and Lonestar in Nashville. Pouponne is at Bar Hopper‘s parents in Ottawa and I don’t have the number, so I’ll be in touch with them later this week. I’ll also try reaching The Quad later this week to see if he’s still planning on going to Moncton, in which case Indiana Jones and I might go up with Beau, BeeGoddessM’s cat, which we are keeping fed and watered in her absence.

Now that I’ve blogged about what I’ve been up to for the last 24 hours, I’m going to figure out what I feel like eating and go on that little nowhere with Junior. Part of me feels I should stay home this afternoon to take advantage of the silence, but then I think the bit I did get to enjoy has been enough to remove any doubt I might have had about what I need to do in 2005. Besides, the wintry blue sky is begging to be appreciated, too…

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