Yeah, I finally tried Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and I like it even though I don’t see that much difference between it and Netscape 7.1. I do miss no longer being able to type a URL in the location bar and pressing Ctrl-Shift-Enter to open it in a new tab; I’m still having trouble remembering to type Ctrl-T first. And I’m one of those who actually used “View Page Info,” the equivalent of which I haven’t found in Firefox if it exists. But Firefox’s interface is definitely cleaner and I like the way the text in an activated tab is bold. And I like the way it seamlessly brought in my bookmarks and such from NS 7.1.

So, while I’ll probably end up making it my default browser, I’ll still have to check sites I develop in IE and NS since they’re much more widely used — especially the gawd-forsaken IE.

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  1. Have you played with Opera recently? I just made the switch from Firefox to Opera 7.54 and love it. Nearly everything is customizable and it has all the page info stuff. 🙂

    I’m using it for email, as well.

  2. No, I haven’t tried it in a while. A long while. Personally I’m not interested in changing e-mail client. Did you buy it or are you sticking with the ads?

  3. I bought it. Only 20 bucks for me as a student. As fellow developer (if an amateur, at that), I have a little more sympathy toward paying for software. 🙂

  4. Your reasoning for purchasing Opera would be the same as mine. It’s just that I’m not (yet) that crazy about it and, for my purposes, can get along just fine with an ad-supported version.

  5. Right mouse click to get to View Page Info.

    And you have to get yourself the “Web Developer” extension. You’ll be amazed at how such simple little tools can be so invaluable.

    I also downloaded EditCSS for instant CSS testing and I can’t live without Adblock now either. It’s just like surfing a few years ago when Ads were not common place.

  6. About View Page Info, what can I say except …D’oh! 😛

    I’ve been scattered in the last few days. I thought I downloaded the Web Developer extension. I’ll have to delve into that a bit more later…

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