So Long, Senator Samson


Hiker and his partner Bello lost The Beautiful Samson last Tuesday.

Samson was possibly my favorite dog in the whole wide world. Gentle and very distinguished, I would call him The Senator (in the Canadian sense) since it just seemed to suit him.

“You’re certainly right about Samson’s gentle nature,” Hiker just wrote to me. “Everyone who met him seemed to fall for him. His presence alone provided me with a sense of peace that is truly undescribable and it’s terribly difficult to adjust to the loss.”

Samson was having a nice romp in the backyard with his canine roommate Kaizer when suddenly he fell limp — “possibly a heart attack or a ruptured tumour,” Hiker explained. He died naturally shortly after getting to the vet’s. But all who fell for his charm will long remember him.