What’s the Point of Momma’s Advice?

I think pretty much every mother in the world tell their children that they should always wear clean underwear when they go on a trip “just in case you’re in an accident.”

I don’t understand the logic of that. I mean, aren’t the odds good that if you’re in an accident, one of the first things that’ll happen is that you’re going to shit yourself? And if that compounding mishap does occur, I doubt very much there’ll be a forensic test to determine whether or not you had clean underwear before the accident.

I just don’t get it.

{3} Thoughts on “What’s the Point of Momma’s Advice?

  1. When I was a reporter, I always wanted to do a story investigating the things your mother told you when you were little. For example, interview paramedics and say, do you even notice whether people at an accident scene have clean underwear? And ask a doctor, when people make faces, does it sometimes stick that way? And ask highway patrolmen, do you ever find children’s hands along the highway, blown off after they stuck their hands out the window of their parents’ car? Stuff like that.

  2. ….and to think all these years I lived under the misconception that the clean underwear would protect you from being involved in any accidents….sigh

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