And While I’m Thinking About It…

Along the same lines as the previous post… Of course my daily collection of spam often provides me offers to enlarge [you know what]. Those offers go directly to the trash, unopened. Not that I’m too proud or think I don’t need it or … oh, never mind before I dig myself into a hole.

But the other day I received two different but similar offers in a row, and as I was doing something boring afterwards — namely washing the dishes — I started to wonder. “I wonder which of the two would be the better deal? The one that promised X more inches or the one that promised X% ‘improvement’.”

I hate washing dishes. If it allows my mind to start thinking about such things, then it must be an evil, evil activity.

{2} Thoughts on “And While I’m Thinking About It…

  1. There are insurance companies who offer to pull together the three best deals they can find for comparison to their own plans. Wouldn’t taht be something in the realm of the enlargement of certain organs (and we’re not talking sweetbreads here!)?

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