Good on Them!

I did write to the funeral home and I guess I must have struck the balance between firmness and tact, for they fixed my father’s obit in a matter of hours. The director even called me and I raised the “Together Forever” thing, pointing out that I was more inquiring and making a suggestion for now rather than requesting a change. But by the end of the day, someone else called from the home: Where they deem the inscription to be a mistake under the circumstances (i.e., “You mean she doesn’t even speak English?!”), they are prepared to make the change …on the house!

In a few minutes I’ll be heading to Moncton for business and to spend some time with Mom. Given how well things turned out, I’ll be mentioning to her the Home’s decision and we’ll probably get the matter resolved Wednesday morning. I’m expecting to be back in Halifax by Wednesday evening in order to prepare for a meeting with another prospective client.

So I guess the saying is true: The squeaky wheel gets the oil.