Eau de P.U.

This is old news, but for several years now, Halifax has been known as the North American “Scent Free” capital. Read a few articles about it for some background on the subject, from both opponents and those who favour this status.

Now. Why am I bothering to blog about something that’s such old news? And where do I stand on this issue?


I think it stinks.

When I spend some time in my favorite Canadian city, I notice the difference. People — men and women — smell good in Montreal. They know they’re supposed to wear cologne, not bathe in it.

I’m in favour of restraint and I practice it, too. But that’s just it: I’m one of those defiant Haligonians. I don’t seek to make sick those for whom fragrances legitimately make sick, but I don’t believe that so many in Halifax (or this whole blasted province, for that matter) are as sensitive as they claim they are.

Come on, Halifax! Give me a freakin’ break! I guess doing things in good measure is too tough a concept for you to grasp, though. It has to be all or nothing.

But here’s my news flash for the day, Halifax: Body odour is just as sickening even though it’s “natural.”

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{3} Thoughts on “Eau de P.U.

  1. Sure, I think we have all walked past that person who was wearing nearly an entire bottle of a potent fragrance. But to outlaw it in an entire Province. I cannot believe I missed this story when it was breaking.

    When fragrance is outlawed,
    Only outlaws will have fragrance.

  2. Reminds me of when I was working at a rather prominent US soup company… a young lady was told by the USDA that she wore too much perfume, so she decided to not wear any.

    I had the rather unpleasant ‘honor’ of walking up a set of stairs behind this young lady not long after her decision.

    Can anyone say dead fish in August. :|~~~~~~~

  3. Troy: I’d rather not say it, let alone think about it. :-P}

    I really don’t want to make anyone ill because of the cologne I’m wearing. But it seems to me that rigid political correctness (versus sensitivity to the fact that we need to co-exist in the same environment) is killing off all the little joys in life.

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