Jet Landing on My Head

You know the sound of a low-flying jet in the distance? Or the sound — although a bit more muted — you hear when you’re in a jet? Well, since early this afternoon, that’s what it sounds like inside my humble abode on the top floor of Fort Needham.

Through much of autumn and into this month, I’ve had to endure walking stomping and banging overhead as workmen redid the roof. The pièce de résistance of this construction project was to be the installation of a new, massive ventilation system in an attempt to bring mold under control in the building. A laudable goal, given the severity of the problem, but the execution of the solution may be seriously flawed.

From the sound of the engine that’s right above my head, I get the feeling the property owner is trying to kill a fly with a jackhammer. The devices were probably conceived for big high-rise buildings, not a three-storey walk-up with 40 units. But what’s particularly irritating is knowing that the racket is all for nothing since the outlets in the apartments — in the kitchen and the washroom — haven’t been vacuumed in …oh …probably since the building went up in the early 1960s. As a result, there’s no suction happening. None. Nada. Ziltch.

I don’t believe in the notion of “white noise.” Noise is noise; quiet is quiet. I find it hard to believe I’ll ever get used to this sound. Maybe if it’d been there when I moved in 1995, I wouldn’t notice so much. Not after 9 years in the building, though.

I won’t deny that I’m upset about this. First, the beasts were fired up on a Friday, meaning they’ll probably be on all weekend. (Then again, the supers, whom I called to complain, admitted having the control to turn them off, but they [rightly] fear getting in shit if they do.) But second — and perhaps more important — now that the property owners have spent so much money in their attempt to fix a very real problem, they’re not likely to take criticism very well, namely that this first attempt to rectify a bad situation may be just that: a (failed) first attempt. (It certainly will be a total failure if all the outlets don’t get vacuumed soon.)

So now I’m wondering if this is my “new normal” and if I’ll simply adapt since I don’t want to move out. I’m too fond of my space and my harbour view. I wonder, although I’m not terribly optimistic right now, about the clout I have to change this. Or do I?…