Only Herman & Hermina Slated to Move

As the first snowstorm of 2003 rages over the southern Maritime provinces, I have reason to hope that the new superintendants in my building will be on the ball. The last duo we had was a disaster: They were lazy, quite frankly. I always felt like I was grieviously imposing on them whenever I would make a request that fell well within their job description. But the new duo is already buzy making sure that the parking lot and entrances to the building are cleared before the snow freezes up and becomes impossible to shovel.

Today the new super, who just started on Jan. 1, came by for a visit to issue new parking permits and get a sense of what needs to be done in the building. I really like her. When I asked her if she knew there were mice in the building, she laughed and said, “You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me that already!” Somehow that made me feel better: For a while, I feared I was such a domestic disaster that I was the cause for drawing them to my apartment, although I haven’t seen any since July.

(Sidebar: When I thought I had one mouse, I tried to make light of it and called it “Herman.” But when I saw two mice perform a little jig on my stove one night in July 2001, then I called them “Herman & Hermina.” Hence the title of this entry.)

Anyway, she assured me that the garbage bin in the parking lot is the cause of the infestation, and that she and her partner are already working on fixing this problem. “I have two kids, and one’s just a baby,” she explained. “I don’t want to find a mouse sleeping with my baby in his crib.”

Eeewww! Did I ever tell you just how much I hate mice? It doesn’t matter than I’m probably anywhere between three and five hundred times bigger and heavier than the average mouse around here; they still make my skin crawl. And apparently — so the super tells me — the fireman who lives down the hall from me — not exactly the kind of guy who’s a ninny by any stretch of the imagination — feels the same way as I do about mice. But what really had me worried is when I had a workman in last month to paint the apartment. He asked me to describe the mice I spotted, and he ventured that they might not be mice but RATS! Having seen rats on the waterfront, though, I replied that they were way too small to be rats. To which he rhetorically replied, “Can you say ‘baby rats’?”

But the point of this entry is that I’m hopeful that the new supers will go a long way towards bringing back this building to the state it was in just a few years ago. That’s comforting, because I really don’t want to move. Doing so is too much a pain in the ass.

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  1. Hmm… so my great escape in Nova Scotia has rats and/or mice. I think I will hold off for a bit before dropping by for a visit. 😛

  2. I couldn’t blame you! The last time Poupoune came to visit, she slept in my room after making sure she was alone, so to speak, and blocked off any possible entrance. I took the couch, which is higher off the ground, although that was more a placibo given how I know how those awful critters are capable of climbing straight up. (I could puke just thinking about them.)

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