Poor Adam…

Adam of Words Mean Things has posted an entry in which he asks, “Why ha[s America] not gotten the point, when every other industrialized country in the world is light-years ahead of us on [this issue of same-sex unions]?”

Today, the Canadian edition of Time magazine named Michael Leshner and Michael Stark, the first gay couple to marry legally in Canada, as “Canada’s Newsmakers of 2003.”

Today, the American edition of Time magazine named The American Solider its 2003 Person of the Year.

(Mind you, on the timecanada.com poll asking “Do you agree with our choice for the 2003 Canadian Newsmaker of the Year?” a whopping 84% of 371 respondents as of 19:25 AST today answered “No.” Then again, we are talking TIME magazine here…)

Regardless, Adam, what do you say? Since I already bestowed upon you the title of “Honourary Canadian citizen,” should I take the next step? I could send you the papers you need to become a landed immigrant as well as a copy of the Chronicle Herald so that you can start looking for an apartment — assuming you’re open to the idea of coming to Halifax. ;-P}

{1} Thought on “Poor Adam…

  1. “Landed immigrant” does sound cool, Maurice. And Canada just seems like the Land of Common Sense these days. That appeals to me *so much.* But I think I’ll stick with my honorary status for now. I hope the invitation stays open, though.

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