Longing for Summer (Already!)

I truly despise winter in this part of Canada. I hate being cold. I’m a total hater of winter.

I truly love summer in this part of Canada. I love being warm. I’m a total creature of summer.

This place, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

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There are tons of nooks and cranies where someone can peel off all clothing and bake. I long for those long afternoons when I put up (figuratively) the “Gone Fishing” sign on my office door. Those days under the sun are precious gifts, each and every one of them.

(Image hosting courtesy of Poupoune.)

{2} Thoughts on “Longing for Summer (Already!)

  1. It truly is a very nice place. Alas, I’m not that good with the camera, but I suspect Nerdwoman could take shots of my little piece of summer paradise under the sun, which would do it justice.

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