I Like Comments …to an Extent

Some people have asked me why I have the following warning directly above the spot where I allow aMMusing visitors to comment. [Ed.: This warning appeared when this blog was powered by Movable Type; it’s been powered by WordPress since March 2005.]

If you haven’t commented before at aMMusing: Thank you for wanting to post a comment, but first, please look at the date the entry was written. If the entry is more than 10 days old, chances are the authors and readers of aMMusing won’t notice your comment. Also, know that the authors of aMMusing view this “Comments” feature as an opportunity for friendly dialogue, not for duels.

Aware that some people enter aMMusing through the archives as a result of a search on Google or some other search engine, I have made a point of including this warning in the archives. But lately I’ve been receiving more comments than usual on old posts, which regular readers of this blog won’t know about unless I bring them to their attention — often comments that are off-topic or suggest the commentor didn’t read the entry carefully. Unfortunately, since I’m not an expert in the programming language in which MovableType is built, I could only find a way of preventing comments on old entries in the individual archives, not the category or monthly archives. Yet I want to keep comments open so that we can read what people said about the entries when they were posted.

In my next entry, I’ll explain what prompted this diatribe. But for now, suffice it to say that a comment I received today from one called Tony is the reason why I put that warning up in the first place. While I hasten to say his comment was passive enough not to be construed as a call to duel, I am convinced he didn’t burden himself with looking beyond his narrow opinion/world view to consider the point I was attempting to make in the entry on which he commented.

{4} Thoughts on “I Like Comments …to an Extent

  1. The best thing about a blog where the archives scroll off the page into never-never-land is that you can mostly just ignore such comments. I imagine you get email notifications of all comments – it’s easy enough to just delete those that are inappropriate. 🙂

  2. I know, Kevin, that I could just ignore such comments and/or delete them. It’s just that, in this particular instance, I’ve heard “THEIR” side’s arguments before and they just don’t measure up, which promptly gets on my nerves. If I were inclined to comment on “THEIR” side on “THEIR” turf, I would likely do a lot more poking around the website before firing off my comment, and that’s if I’d even bother in the end. That some people feel so entitled to fire off any ol’ comment anywhere they want is perhaps what gets to me the most, though. It must be nice to live with the belief of being the one beholding the one and only truth, at the exclusion of any other.

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