Pop Culture & Blogging in My Dreams

Funny how the mind keeps working when you’re sleeping. A few nights ago, I woke myself up, laughing hysterically. I can’t remember what it was in my dream that was so bloody funny, but what a delightful way to wake up. It’s certainly better than waking up in terror, like when I had mice in the apartment and I’d wake up thinking some giant mouse was coming at me on my bed.

Last night, though, it was more of a topical dream. Unlike some people nearby and further away, I didn’t develop an interest in American Idol. But last night I dreamt of Reuben and Frenchie (I think her name was). They were trying to do a duet. When Reuben would sing, he sounded fine; when Frenchie would sing, she sounded fine. But the two, juxtaposed, sounded like hell. It seemed like the problem wasn’t that they would be signing in a different key as much as on a different tone (?). (I’m no musician.)

Somehow (in my dream but not in fact), this discrepency served as an illustration of what the brilliant and inimitable John Kusch described in his post-mortem to a heated debate in which and he engaged this weekend. In response to the ill-guided tactics of some gay activists, John wrote that many “are essentially tone-deaf when it comes to framing the debate” [emphasis mine]. I thought that his metaphor was apt when I read it.

From there, though, to have my mind’s “dream machine” put together that notion and an unsuccessful American Idol duet that never occurred, …I don’t know. But if I didn’t chronicle this dream right now, I wouldn’t remember it in a few hours.