They Came, Ate, Shopped, Ate, and Left

The day trip to Halifax today by my Mom, Dad and Sis went very well. Like last year, Mom and Sis came bearing gifts. 🙂

Unlike me, they love to shop; like me, however, they’ve got a knack for finding bargains. They also both have an eye for the kind of clothes I like: a little loud, a little edgy, but never lapsing into stuff a guy my age shouldn’t be wearing. (I melt in embarrassment for those guys my age who insist on wearing stuff that’s intended for the early-20s market.) In short, they got stuff that I can wear while visiting clients, that is respectable but not stuffy. I don’t see how, in my line of work, wearing a tie makes me look more “professional.” (By the way, one of my linguistic pet peeves in to declare anything as “looking professional.” But I won’t get into that right now.)

Sis, who’s a physiotherapist and very healthy and youthful at 49 — Poupoune agrees just a bit too strongly on that point 😛 — pointed me to a few links online on the Montignac “diet” method. She’s no fanatic about the method; in fact, her point to me today was, “The bottom line is how you feel comfortable with yourself.” My bottom line is that I want to look as good as she does.

Meanwhile, as I think of how low Dad’s health reached in 2001, I’m so impressed that he made it to Halifax two years in a row. In fact, he drove most of the way this time, handing over the wheel to Sis only to drive into the city. These days, driving is one of the few activities Dad can do and take pleasure in.

And of course, no visit by Mom would be complete if she didn’t bring me some of her (what ought to be) world-famous sucre à la crème (fudge). When an older French Canadian lady decides that she’s going to make some of this sweet stuff, get the hell out of her way! You’ll never be able to beat her. Never.