My Reasons for Quitting

Centres StopI have set the afternoon of Thursday, November 3 as my latest attempt to quit smoking.

Why that date?

Well, really, it was “imposed” on me. It was the first available appointment date.

Indeed, I’ve been thinking for a while (again) about quitting, this time by using soft-laser therapy (click the logo above for Stop Centres’ website), as I know two people personally who’ve had success with this method. Given that I’m a heavy smoker by the Stop Centres’ definition, I will be forking out nearly 800 bucks (taxes included) for the therapy, which currently is a lot more than what I pay for smokes. (Don’t ask, but Montréal-area smokers and former smokers will understand.)

But this is to say my reasons for quitting are not financial. In no particular order…

  1. My coughing in the morning and the middle of the night has me frightened, so the Number 1 reason is the extent to which I now FEEL my smoking affecting my health.
  2. My coughing can sneak up on me at the most inopportune times, and I feel embarrassed by it because I know everyone knows why I’m coughing.
  3. Now that summer is definitely over, I’m less motivated to go out for only coffee because I anticipate (read “dread”) having to step outside in the cold a few times just to have a puff.
  4. I’ve come to dread travelling because of my smoking:
    • I hate having to think, when travelling by air, about the last ciggie before boarding and the first ciggie after deboarding.
    • I rarely smoke in my car and, if I do, I make it as uncomfortable as possible in order not to stink up the car.
    • Except at one or two friends, smoking must be done outside and I wouldn’t expect it to be otherwise.
  5. I would prefer if my stuff and I didn’t betray (through smell) that I’m a heavy smoker.

Bottom line, I’m just plain tired of smoking.

The reason I’m more confident with this laser treatment than anything else I tried is because of what I recall from my last attempt. While on the patch the last time, when I would still have a craving, I felt it as what I’d describe as a “hot spot” towards the front of my head. I’m thinking this acupuncture-like laser treatment is more likely to address this particular problem or sensation.

At any rate, we shall see! But here’s to hoping (and another significant change in my life)…