Indian Summer 2011

It’s not quite at that stage yet in Montréal but close and oh so summer-like otherwise.

Montréal in Autumn

Apparently the autumn leaves are at their peak, as shown above, about an hour east of the city in the Eastern Townships plus, throughout northeastern North America, the temperatures are back to summertime values for the next few days. However, because it’s resolutely fall, the sun is lower on the horizon and the lighting is completely different — more golden, I would say. What luck for us that Indian Summer should fall on a long weekend this year!

Although I ventured outside for a bit to have brunch and run an errand, I’m going to take a little gamble and postpone outdoor amusement until tomorrow and Monday. Likely I will go for a “nowhere” drive to soak in the fall colours. I may go out this evening but I’ll see at the time how I feel about that. For the rest of the day, I’ll be doing tons of laundry and other stuff I feel like doing, all inside for now.