A Good Day (in the “Getting Things Done” Sense)

EyeglassesI still have three to four big “projects” to start, but today was a good start.

The only fault I can find in the sleeping aid I’ve been prescribed is that, although it’s only 1 mg, it’s way too strong for me. It knocks me out for 12 hours. As a result, when I wake up at 12:00 or 1:00 pm, I feel like it’s too late to get started on anything. I didn’t feel too bad about it on Official Day 1 (last Tuesday), but it bothered me yesterday — Official Day 2. So, I resolved taking only 1/2 mg from now on.

I had an appointment with Lucy this morning at 11:30, so I forced myself out of bed by 9ish. And aside from the usual daily “shit shower shave and shampoo” routine, I dug a little in my stuff and found a copy of my lease.

In June 2008, shorthly after I moved to Montréal three years ago, I took care of switching my health insurance from Nova Scotia to Québec. At the time, that was a great experience compared to my dealings with other agencies in Québec. Unfortunately, my health card never came and, when I called the following July about it, again it didn’t come and then I just forgot about it. The problem is that, now, I really need it for my consultations with Gary.

So I made it for my appointment with Lucy. That went well and the next appointment (on my dime hereafter) will be same time next week. After that, I had a nice lunch in a restaurant just outside her office building, and then came back home because of a quick call I had to make with someone in Halifax. Once that was done, I headed back downtown to jump all the necessary hurdles (again!) to get my card. Turns out I got my picture taken for nothing (they don’t accept it there) and they would have scanned my lease on the spot (I didn’t need to have it photocopied like I did), but I refused to let that piss me off. Rather, I appreciated and thanked the agents for the fact that I was in-and-out of there in 45 minutes despite it being busy in there. I have a temporary card for now, which will make Gary happy, and let’s hope the third time is the charm as far as finally getting my health card.

Afterwards, I headed a few blocks west to finally get another thing done: have an eye exam and buy glasses. Turns out I’ll definitely need them for reading from now on, but also for everything else. Not bad: I went 46 years without having to wear glasses all the time. The “ouch” side is that I spent $800, but the good side is that it was one of those “buy 1 get the 2nd pair for $1” deal. While both pairs will be bifocals, one pair will be adapted for computer work (i.e., daytime at work) and the other will be for the rest of the time. While both frames are similar, I made sure the ones I prefer are not-for-work.

Then I came to the Village for light supper, coffee, and writing this. Next I’ll pick some stuff up at the grocery store next to the Papineau métro and head back home. So, a productive day during which I took care of two nagging things I’d been neglecting for too long.

Pretty trivial, huh? But not for me.