This Is Getting Really Scary

Maybe you thought I was being histrionic when I posted this? Well……

Collapse in Ville-Marie Tunnel

As you can see from the above picture, a concrete slab fell to the ground in the tunnel portion of Autoroute Ville-Marie this morning. Fortunately — very fortunately — no one was hurt, and it probably helped that it happened on a Sunday morning when the Ville-Marie is not as busy. Repair work started in the tunnel last week and the collapse is being blamed on vibrations from that work.

This is one stretch of highway I know very well. If I don’t opt for the métro to go to the Village, this is where I drive to get there. Always. I’ve probably travelled that way hundreds of times since I’ve been living in Montréal. And although rare, I’ve been known to be at that very spot on a Sunday morning around the time this happened.

The same trip from my place to the Village through the city streets takes about 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes by the Ville-Marie. Today, for the sake of an experiment, I came back home from the Wal*Mart in Saint-Léonard by following Rue Jean-Talon instead of taking Autoroutes Métropolitaine and Décarie. It took me a few minutes shy of an hour …on a Sunday afternoon! I bet it would have taken half that time had I not opted for this little experiment.

It’s crazy! The city is THAT congested even WITH the network of expressways, and that network is literally falling apart. It’s infuriating to think that long-term maintenance has been ignored to this point.