English Fucking Harbor Casino?!

I am absolutely livid right now!

I just opened my VISA statement to find that $750 CND in charges were made on my account on Feb. 1 — charges I NEVER made. What the heck are those three “Virtual Exchange” entries on my statement? Seeing fraudulant charges amounting to so much is the sort of thing that makes me feel sick and light-headed, especially since I’m so damn careful with money.

I called the number that appears on my statement and we were able to determine that someone opened an account with “English Harbor Casino” under my name. So I guess I’ve been gambling online without knowing it! HA! I do not, have not, NEVER WILL gamble online! In fact, that’s all very funny because I’m against gambling and casinos, if you can believe it. But I digress.

Sooo… that someone not only opened an account; s/he seemingly has all my information minus my e-mail and DOB — which I’m immediately taking off this blog. But then I went to my bank online to view my account status and, happily, I noticed the charges were reversed on Feb. 4.

EXCEPT… Because of wild fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar — $x@1.5455CND when the charges were made but only $x@1.4955CND when the charges were reversed — I’m short $24.96 for something that’s NONE of my doing!


Then again, the 25 bucks is more of an annoyance. It’s the fact that there’s clearly been a breech of my credit info. Or could this have been an after-effect of the Jan. 25th DDOS attack? (A stretch, I know…) It scares me, though, because we’ve allowed money to become too virtual for the sake of convenience. I have visions of The Handmaid’s Tale or what happened a year go to the people of Argentina who couldn’t withdraw more than x pesos per day. A few keystrokes and my bank could claim I owe it a million dollars, and I bet there’d be nothing I could do about it.

I won’t do that, though, ’cause I swear to you that I don’t make bets.

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  1. I’m a bit bewildered on this Maurice. If the exchange rate was ~such-and-such~ on the date that the illegal transaction took place, shouldn’t that be the exact amount returned?

    I am reminded here of an incident that occurred with a mutual business aquaintance (you may recall). I immediatly had all of my credit cards cancelled and reissued.

  2. The “mutual business acquaintance” came to my mind as well, although given the incident we’re both thinking of occurred more than a year ago, I would have thought that was old news and nothing to worry about. Maybe not.

    I know what you mean about the exchange rate. It’s that they reinbursed me for $500 US — what was wrongly marked against my account — but at the rate 4 days later, which just happened to be $.05 CND less on each dollar. At any rate (pardon the pun), tomorrow I’ll be calling my bank to (a) argue that I shouldn’t be out $25 for doing absolutely nothing, and (b) to have a new card issued. The latter is such a pain, though.

  3. Well, the bank isn’t hesitating to reimburse me the $25 and it is issuing me a new card number. I think my Web host is the only automatic payment that occurs; I’ll be warning them. So all’s well for now except that it *is* scary to have stuff like this happen.

  4. I’m glad to hear that Maurice. I know what it’s like to get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when something like this happens.

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