What a Waste!

Le Club SandwichMany are those in Montréal who deride the Club Sandwich in the heart of the Village, and I can understand why: it’s dated, run down, and not exactly the home of haute cuisine by any stretch of the imagination. However, I like it a lot …maybe BECAUSE it’s dated, run down, and not exactly the home of haute cuisine. And I know that La Chelita practically drools (not to say worse) at the thought of a tuna club with a side of pickles from there.

I like most the staff in that way one does upon becoming a regular as I have. Cleopatrick and I have declared one waiter, François, celui qui serait certainement pas laid tout nu — a better and not literal translation being, “the one you’d certainly not say no to if you spotted him naked.”

I was out last night and ended the evening with a poutine. At the table facing me was a couple — a guy and an gal, a rarity at that time on a Saturday night — sitting side by side in their booth. And, let me tell ya! The guy was quite the rival to the dear François.

His presence reminded me of something, which I shared with François (in French) as I was paying and leaving.

— You’re probably just a few years younger than me but you’re still of an age where you’d get this,” I said.

— [Bemuzzed grin]. “What?”

— Remember when a gay guy would come out to a straight gal and her immediate reaction would be…

…du gaspillage (a waste).”

— Yeah. Well, that guy over there. That’s waste in reverse,” I said with a wide grin, adding, “I doubt she can ever truly appreciate him.”

— No joke. We spotted him the moment he stepped in.”

That was a royal “we,” by the way. And I can totally imagine how a guy like that would totally get François’ juices rising.

This also reminds me how it seems that Montréal has more attractive people — male or female — than most places I’ve been. I remember the first time La Chelita was in town and we were coming back home on the métro. It was standing-room only and different languages were being spoken, as is often the case. And when we stepped out at Snowdon, we just looked at each other and, although we hadn’t said anything while in the métro, she just said, “I know. Unbelievable!”

She’s been a fan of Montréal ever since, although for more than just “the scenery” and the tuna clubs. But “the scenery” is certainly a huge asset.

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  1. You’re not gonna believe this but we know François. Ask him about his escapades in California. When Serge and l lived out there, we were in a local watering hole and Serge proclaimed that “that guy” is from Montréal. I bet him so he walked over and asked. It was François. Also, did you know that Serge worked at the Club Sandwich? Ages ago but still. Seems we are all kinds of 2 degrees of separation.

  2. Oh. My. Gawd!!! That is just too funny, Torn. All of it!

    I think this only illustrates what I like so much about Montréal. It’s a big city, yes, but it’s still on a human scale and not so big that so few degrees of separation are possible. For instance, the guy I’m partnered up with at work not only lived here until he started his job in Toronto last January; he lived around the corner from where I live. And then one day when I told him I would be running out to the bagel shop a block down and commented he must remember it, he replied he didn’t just remember it but one of our colleagues at our help desk worked there when she was still in Montréal. Plus, it’s true what they say that you’re bound to bump into a friend or acquaintance on the métro at least once a year.

  3. I concur that the scenery in Montréal is very top notch, but having returned not long ago from France, I have to say that the Old Country definitely has an edge, particularly Paris and Bordeaux. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any sexier, another walked by and blew that theory all to hell!
    And Stockholm is very scenic as well!

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