A Good Start

I went to my first Spanish class tonight and, let me tell you, I’m really encouraged.

Granted, the teacher, Teresa, who’s originally from Chile, has clearly been teaching beginners’ Spanish for a long time, as she speaks very slowly and clearly and as much with her hands as with her mouth. But! I’d say I understood 98 percent of everything she said, which tells me my few weeks of immersion in Mexico, as well as what Esposo has taught me, have not fallen on deaf ears. Also I’m very relieved that Teresa is from Chile, for even though the accent and some expressions are not like in Mexico, they’re a lot closer than if the favoured ones were those from Spain.

Three hours twice a week is going to be intense, but I felt great tonight on my way home on the métro. ¡Sí­, puedo! I already knew simple little words others in class didn’t know, like arroz, because I’ve eaten out so much in Mexico. So, I do have a good head start and maybe I’m not as tone-deaf to Spanish as I feared…

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  1. Arroz con pollo? That was a favourite that Javier used to make back in the day.

    You’re going to have a lot of fun in your classes!

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