It’s About Time …but Not Good Enough: Take 2

Just over a year ago, I wrote in this blog about how Canada is finally getting a U.S.-style “Do Not Call” registry, but bemoaned how it didn’t go far enough.

Well today, the lead story on the CBC News website is that Telemarketers face ‘do-not-call’ axe on Sept. 30. It turns out that Bell is the company that will be in charge of the list, which, due to my recent past experience with that company, doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence. What’s more, the CRTC has not changed the list of exemptions from last year.

Charities, political parties, polling firms, newspapers and companies that have done business with an individual over the past 18 months can continue to make unsolicited phone calls. Canadians who do not wish to receive such calls can ask at the time of a call to be removed from the organization’s list, or contact them ahead of time and request the same.

The CRTC’s list has been criticized for allowing too many exceptions.

Thankfully, that same article refers to a site called iOptOut. Set up by University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist, “IOptOut takes advantage of this approach by allowing Canadians to create and manage a personal do-not-call list that begins where do-not-call legislation ends.” The approach in question explained in iOptOut is this:

By registering with iOptOut, you inform the organizations that you select listed in our database that you do not want them to call you. Under the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), these organizations would be required to respect your request. At the present time, iOptOut relies on PIPEDA, which overrides Bill C-37’s exemptions.

Need I tell you I immediately registered on iOptOut and intend to keep my profile up to date?

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