Week One of the New Montréalais

If it hadn’t been for Bell, I could declare that my transition from Halifax to Montréal has been remarkably smooth. Except that Bell’s screw-ups have caused two big anomalies — the inability to speak with Esposo regularly, and the necessity to go to a gawd-awful office (read “broom closet”) — anomalies that prevent me from feeling settled in.

The latest horror story from Bell, in case you’re wondering? Despite assurances to the contrary, there was NO modem coming my way as of suppertime Monday night because everything was placed on hold for lack of a deposit. When I heard that, I lost it! I mean, if someone calls on March 19 to order services starting April 1 and insists that everything must be in place by that date, and if there are deposits to be made, why don’t they fucking ask for them when you’re placing the order? I don’t like the idea if the deposits, but if I have to put them down, then so be it. Anyway, once the SECOND deposit was down — the first came last Thursday to take a block off long distance calling — the hapless chick at the end of the line had the audacity to say that it would take 5 to 10 business days before my modem would arrive. After a talk with her supervisor, I got that down to tonight. And as I expected (feared?), it arrived, I installed it, and it doesn’t work. So, the saga continues.

But on to more pleasant things……

I think a good sign about having made the right move is that, setting aside Bell’s bullshit, I already feel at home in this town. I don’t know everything there is to know and everywhere there is to go, but I like the energy of this city. Plus, with spring springing, I’m getting glimpses of the comfortable “at home” feeling that’s yet to come. And I love both my neighbourhood and my apartment. While there are some Canadiens français like me in my area, we’re a minority and I like that after so much of the “same old, same old” in Halifax. The apartment is so close to everything, it’s insane — great croissant and bagel shops, stores and restaurants, the bank, a nice supermarket and metro access …all 5 minutes from my doorstep — and it’s actually bigger than my old place in Halifax.

I can’t wait to have friends visiting me! But, of course, more than that, I can’t wait for Esposo to be living there, too.

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  1. Argh. I’d go insane! Life is full of these glitches, I suppose, especially when one moves. Hope it all gets sorted ASAP!

    You’ll have to post a few pics of your new pics (or at least e-mail some to us).

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