Ma Bell Is a Bitch

Okay, you can’t stop worrying now; I’m alive and well and living in Montreal. Everything went well except one thing: Ma Bell, I’m forced to conclude, is a total bitch. I have no Internet connection at home yet and may only have it by Tuesday. Consequently, I have been working out of a broom closet at the branch. The apartment is wonderful, though — larger than I remembered it when I viewed it (twice). Once the dust settles — real soon — I expect a lot of company Casa F&M. Should be fun! Plus, there’s a hint of spring in the air — hope that winter is almost a memory……

Need to think of a replacement banner now that I’m no longer in Halifax. Maybe a silhouette of the Oratoire St-Joseph, which is visible from the apartment balcony when there are no leaves in the trees?

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