On-Going Moving Preps

Cleopatrick and I have two full days left to finish the packing. It’s going very well and it will be done in time. I find it hard to believe that in 48 hours, this apartment I’ve called home for 3 years will be empty and this building I’ve called home for 13 years will no longer be my home. My last two days in Halifax will be possible courtesy of the Queen of Sheba, with Saturday remaining the scheduled long-travel day. So far, the weather for Saturday is supposed to be ideal for travelling: sunny and slightly above zero.

The only glitches so far have had to do with getting rid of a few pieces of furniture I don’t intend to move with me. In the worse case, I’ll get the movers to put a desk by the trash bins and hopefully someone will scoop it up. Ideally, I’d like the super to store it somewhere so that it can be picked up later. But we’ll see.

Organizing phone and power hookups from a distance is a bit of a challenge. And insurance! Things are very different in Quebec compared to the rest of Canada. A true société distincte.

And I was thinking last night: While I don’t intend to change the name of this blog, the tag line and banner image will have to change. But, as you can imagine, that’s not my highest priority right now.

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  1. Ahhh…and we didn’t have one last wine and Whine session…which means I’ll have to come to La Belle Province and we can start again…perhaps with a new title for our drunken forays. I take it you did not need help with the packing…or perhaos you totally forgot in the hectic last days that there was this willing pair of hands.
    ah well…once you settle in do give my sweet youngun a bell….and just think this time you won’t have to take a bra with you when you visit! LOL. the alberta connection is not going well….however he hasn’t deleted me yet from Facebook…that gives one some hope…oh my…whoever thought there wld be a day that some virtual reality communication forum wld become a barometer of my social life! speaking of which you cld get an alter ego and I cld add you back in ! hahahah. Take care! Bon Voyage etc. (actually you have left and yes good day for driving!)
    Love Jain. All glory to Jah! (I’m regressing)

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