I’m Back!

Yes, I got back yesterday from Mexico, very delayed due to a snowstorm that first hit Toronto and then the Maritimes. And now we’re in the hold of a cold snap after I left behind mid- to high-teen temperatures in Mexico City …not to mention mid-30s in Puerto Escondido and Zipolite over Christmas.

I have much to write about, but I’ll just cut to the chase for those who don’t know yet from my profile in Facebook: Under the full moon on Zicatela beach in P.E. on the night of 23 to 24 December, I pulled out a ring from my pocket and proposed to El Poema. He accepted, although he didn’t expect it so soon, so we’re engaged now. The tentative date is May 17 in Montréal.

Before that, though, he may come to Montréal and Halifax in mid-February. Today’s his birthday and, on the spur of the moment, aided by an ultra-cheap flight and the gracious offer of a mutual friend for accommodations, he has gone to Puerto Vallarta for a few days. I advised him to soak up and reserve as much warmth as possible since his introduction to the Canadian winter will be brutal. There are several reasons for his coming in such a heinous time of year: so that we can spend more time together sooner than later; so that he can confront his very understandable fear of winter head on; so that he can have a say on the apartment in Montréal; so that he can see what it’s like to live with someone who works from home.

Standing outside the airport in Toronto for a smoke, I was almost weeping. Although by accepting the proposal, he is also accepting to endure the cold to be with me, I feel awful. And I fear that it might be too much for him, for he is one Mexican who has an unusually low tolerance for cold.

Short-term mission: to convince him that he looks sexy in long johns, which I know he will. But then, when it comes to Fernando, I know I’m more than just a little bit biased.

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  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on this fantastic news. Although this is not what I would have expected many years ago when we met, I am pleased you are at a place where you can enjoy this sort of happiness. You certainly deserve it.

    I wish you and El Poema the very best and hope we can all visit some day in the not too distant future.

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