“Every Once In a While…”

Tadzio en azulI’ve never been good with comebacks. They almost always come to me way too late or just late enough that they wouldn’t have any punch. Except, occasionally, they do come with perfect timing. I remember it happening just right once back when I was still a teenager, and that brought BeeGoddess C to say as she was laughing heartily, “Every once in a while…”

Late last night, I was talking with a mildly hungover El Poema on Skype when suddenly Tadzio, his cat, started meowing rather loudly.

— Tadzio! Tadzio! SHUT UP!”

I burst out laughing and said:

— Tadzio, shut up! Mommy has a headache…”

El Poema immediately started laughing but then admonished me: “You’re mean! Don’t be mean to me!”

Tadzio meowed again. And turning towards him, El Poema said without missing a beat:

— Shut up, Tadzio. Mommy has a headache!”

In 10 days, Daddy will finally get to meet Tadzio.