As If It Were Water

For a guy who freely admits being thrifty if not downright cheap, I’ve been spending quite a bit lately. But the fact of the matter is that most of the things I’m getting or paying for these days have been due for replacement for a while or have become due just now.

Wallet— I have no idea how long I’ve had the same wallet. None whatsover! All I know is that it’s been falling apart for some time, and recently it dawned on me how pathetic it has become. So, I finally replaced it last night. When I pulled some cash from the old one to pay for the new one and jokingly remarked about the state of the old one, the young lady behind the counter laughed and said, “That’s such a MALE thing. The wallet falls apart: get a new one. All the socks have holes in them: get a big batch of socks at Wal-Mart.” I mockingly bowed my head in shame and said, “You sure have my number!”

Doc Martens— Similarly, I have no idea exactly how long I’ve had my Doc Martens. All I know is that I’m the polar opposite of Imelda Marcos: one pair of sandals, one pair of winter boots, and the pair of Docs. Although my current pair is in pretty good shape considering I’ve had them for at least 5 or 6 years — Docs are indestructible — they are starting to fray. So, after months of thinking “I have to get a new pair of Docs,” I finally got that pair today.

WWW I have a whack of Internet domain names coming due soon. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years already…

— There’s another significant purchase I made this week, but I can’t talk about it right now.

— I asked El Poema what his mother might like as a Christmas gift from me — perhaps something that can’t be got or easily got in Mexico. The best suggestion he could make was authentic Canadian maple syrup, pointing out what I already knew: there’s not much you can’t get in that megapolis that is Mexico DF. Would you have any better suggestions if I told you that she’s not one for anything fancy?

— I also have car-related expenses I’ve been putting off, including having the winter tires installed now that the snow is starting to fly.

Puerto Escondido— And finally, the Christmas on the beach getaway for El Poema and yours truly is booked and paid for as of overnight. Appropriately, we first talked about this trip on the first snowy day in Halifax, and it got confirmed on the first REALLY cold day in Halifax. The price tag on the return flight and four nights’ accommodations in Puerto Escondido for both of us is almost the same as my return flight between Halifax and Mexico City, but it will be SO worth it.

We were unable to get a straight answer from the place we wanted to stay in Zipolite, although we suspect it was probably already booked. Getting the package we chose instead was quite a ceremony, though. I make a lot of purchases online, but this Mexican company was the worst and most confusing I’ve ever had to deal with, and it had nothing to do with the language barrier since El Poema quickly took over. Although he admittedly hates dealing with money matters, he came close to throwing in the towel at one point: “Going to the beetch is supposed to be easy, not like this!” He was particularly pissed at how we’re being flown to Huatulco, some 80 km east, when no mention of this fact is made on the outline of the package, although transportation to and from Puerto is included. What I find interesting in hindsight is that Huatulco is closer to Zipolite than Puerto.