The Life in My Palm

The other day I decided on a whim to go to Sears to buy a bottle of cologne that I think is becoming my signature fragrance now that my original fragrance hasn’t been available in Canada for several years now. I had no idea I had chosen to go when some kind of promotional carnival was taking place in the cosmetics department. But because I made a purchase, I got a free palm reading. I wouldn’t pay for a palm reading by someone I know nothing about, but where this was free…

His reading was sufficiently off not to warrant a second thought. He saw me surrounded with a lot of kids in the future stemming from a significant relationship, which of course is as likely to happen as it’s likely I’ll become the Pope. But other parts of his reading were intriguing or pretty accurate.

— My 30s were clearly turbulent and challenging, but I’m out of the woods now, especially professionally: I’m doing what I’m good at and being rewarded for it in numerous ways, including being recognized.

— In the love/romance department, my line is straight rather than curvy, suggesting I’m very cerebral rather than sentimental when it comes to romance.

— However, the deep crease on the side of my palm below my pinky suggests that when I commit, I commit deeply and completely.

— Health-wise, I’ve made very good and significant changes and continue to stick to them, but could do even better with more effort.

— I’m not much of a businessman.

A relationship “in the last 4 years” is the one. He seemed to think that relationship goes back about then, not more recently. I don’t see that as being at all right. That would bring me back to the middle of the Indiana Jones days…

Then again, why am I bothering analyzing a freebie I wouldn’t recall in a few months if I wasn’t writing about it right now? Besides, he assumed the feminine when speaking of mates. But I must say I’d be curious to get a “real” reading done by someone whom I didn’t assume from the get-go is a prankster.