Allow Me to Sigh

El Poema and I managed to get Skype working today. Better still, towards the end of our call tonight, he managed to get his webcam working, too. I actually got to see him again!


I think I managed to get my own webcam working as well, but we’ll only know for sure tomorrow. I can’t tell you how important this is for both of us.

Our call this evening was punctuated by the sound of firecrackers outside, for, as the Wikipedia article on Mexico explains, “On September 16, 1810, independence from Spain was declared by Miguel Hidalgo in the small town of Dolores, Guanajuato state.” El Poema was going out with his friends tonight.

Interestingly, today, September 16, 2007, my father would have turned 82. I know — absolutely no relation. Still. Oddly interesting.

Happy birthday, Pa. I’m pretty sure this is not exactly what you’d imagine when you were still alive and wished me happiness. But there are no more secrets from you now. And I’m positive you’ve had your hands on the lever orchestrating so many positive changes for me since you had to leave us.