Accident-Prone Week

I told you already about my bad fall last Sunday. I’m doing fine now; thanks for asking. The ankle’s still a bit painful, but it’s bearable.

Well, I’m beginning to wonder if this is just a week of accidents for some of us at my day job. My direct supervisor called this morning just to touch base and she informed me that she had an incident of her own yesterday: she spilled a cup of boiling water on her left arm. She’s recovering already and it doesn’t look like her burn is too serious.

But then she told me about her walk to the nearby walk-in clinic to have her arm checked. She was walking along King Street in Toronto when she heard an awful thud: that of someone hitting the pavement hard. She looked over to the source of the sound and saw that a biker had just received a “door prize” — that is, someone opened their car door and hit the biker. So my supervisor rushed over to help the biker who then said, “Oh AnShe, I’m so glad it’s you.”

It took her a few seconds to register before noticing that the biker was one of our colleagues in the training team. AnShe immediately called 9-1-1 and the cops came, but our colleague the biker decided not to press any charges. Today our colleague is very soar and limping badly, so both AnShe and I wish she hadn’t waive her right to file a report.

So hopefully, if twos really do come in threes, this will be the end of it. But after living through Indiana Jones’ own door-prize accident, I’m really worried about my colleague right about now.