Going Back to Work

I’m happy to say that, although my mind was definitely on other things, the return to work last week wasn’t too bad. In fact, the first week went by very quickly despite a major disappointment: the new project to which I’ve been assigned, which was supposed to start today, has been postponed by at least a month. In other words, all my vacation shuffling has been in vain. Or has it? I think destiny wanted me to be in that little park on Ste-Cat in Montréal the evening of August 10th.

Anyway, although I was ready to get started on the new project, there are still many things I can do to be even more prepared. For instance, it’s been a few months since I’ve done any training with clients. I had reached the point where I didn’t have to follow the screenshots when training a client in any of the applications, but now I’d have to “cheat” just to refresh my memory on the sequencing of screens and so on. So, to bring myself back up to snuff, I’ll be taking a few training requests in the coming days and weeks. In addition to the quarter-time I’m still spending on an unrelated project, I’ve also thought of a few things for which I haven’t bothered preparing, so I’m not worried about how I’ll be earning my paycheque.

I have to say that, more and more, I’m recognizing the day job for what it is: it has enabled me to set aside financial worries (within reason) so that I can finally get a life outside work. As a result, I can’t help thinking of the psychological hierarchy of needs applied to economics. I’d been stuck a long time slightly above the need for basic survival…