— The laundry’s done, the cell phone’s charged, and I’ve put out several work-related fires today. I only have one more e-mail to write and pack some clothes in my suitcase.

— At this rate, I should get about 6 hours sleep for my drive to Québec City tomorrow.

DC was over late this afternoon and early evening, and he really is delicious.

— For the TMI file: I think I could easily turn into a little piggy. 😛

I’m off and I’ll probably not be writing again here until late next week. So, see ya!

{2} Thoughts on “Yes

  1. Drats! I made a point of not getting close to a computer the whole time I was away, so I’m only getting this message now! 🙁 But I’ll be sure to drop a line the next time, which may be sooner than expected…

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