Another Jaunt to Toronto

So yeah, I’ve neglected this blog again, but July has turned out quite busy. Because of the new role I’ll be playing soon at the day job, I suggested / agreed with very little lead time to go to Toronto from July 22 to 24. And two workdays before I was to head out there, I found out that the start date for my new role would be delayed by a week, thereby throwing off my August vacation plans once again. Hence we agreed that I should rescheduled my vacation so that I’ll be off the first two full weeks in August — in other words, I’ll be starting my vacation this coming Friday, the 3rd.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I appreciated Toronto more this time around. But as I told The Woman, she shouldn’t get the idea that I’d ever consider moving there, but at least now I don’t dread as much going to the Big Smoke. What’s more, I even told her about my plans of moving to Montreal if my employment at the bank should continue beyond the current contract, which looks increasingly likely these days. The very nature of my new assignment is one that desn’t have an end date, plus even if it doesn’t end up generating the kind of work volume we expect, it will allow me to make use of my other talents that could be useful in another assignment.

But coming back to Toronto: the dim-witted person I can sometimes be has learned something new while I was up there, namely that hotels charge you for making local calls. I’ve stayed with friends through much of my travels, so it never dawned on me that there would be such a charge, although my first clue should have been how I would have had to pay $6 for a bottle of Evian water from the mini bar. Another conclusion I’ve reached is that there must be a conspiracy to get rid of hotel rooms where smoking is allowed by making them as unpleasant as possible. As soon as I stepped into my room for the first time, I was overwhelmed by how it smelled like a massive dirty ashtray; even my own place is not nearly as bad. I would have been better off taking a non-smoking room and going outside to smoke. And while I always knew that hotel restaurants are always notoriously overpriced, I was floored when I ended up paying $30 (with taxes and tip) for a very underwhelming buffet breakfast the first morning I was there. I settled for an Egg McMuffin the next morning.

One the highlights of the trip was to finally meet CP [no longer in training] in person. On Monday night, my supervisor AnShe took us out to a modest East Indian restaurant off Spadina, along with the now re-retired Full Moon Margaret. But other highlights included seeing again the whole “8th floor crew” (too numerous to list them all) as well as The Daughter (a.k.a., The Woman’s daughter), of whom I’m particularly fond.

Any yet, despite having wonderful colleagues and being at this job for nearly a year and a half, I still find it hard to believe that I’m becoming entrenched in a little corner the corporate world……