I’m a Lousy Gambler

I’ve been lousy at predicting when would be a good day to go to the beach during this vacation week. I shouldn’t have wasted the opportunity on Monday because it didn’t end up being as cool as predicted at the coast, but then again, I was feeling SO sleepy and sluggish. Several hot and humid days followed, but each came with a 60 percent chance of severe thunderstorms and since I had visions of being zapped by a bolt of lightening, I didn’t venture out. But it turns out those nasty thunderstorms happened everywhere except greater Halifax. And now, there are more clouds than sun as of noon and it’s only 18C (65F) at Shearwater, but given my string of bad predictions so far, I think I might venture anyway in about an hour and it might be delightful once I get there. And very quiet, since I doubt many people would be moved to go, meaning I could end up having the entire place to myself.

I should know better than gambling because I’m not just lousy at it; I don’t like it at all. In fact, all my friends know I don’t enjoy gambling, so imagine how one of them was surprised to spot me at the local casino one Sunday afternoon many years ago. But that was back in the days when nothing else was opened on Sunday and the slot machines still took bills and spewed back quarters instead of tokens, and I needed quarters for the laundry. So my friend laughed so hard when she saw me feed a bill in one of the machines and immediately press the Cash button, leading said machine to give me back all my money …in quarters.

I don’t think I’ve spent as much as a quarter in my entire life in a slot machine. In fact, I don’t think I ever bought a lottery ticket, either. I’d sooner waste my money on other things, like gas for a short trip I can’t afford. It’s a matter of priorities, I guess, as well as the fact I’ve gone for so long without any financial wriggle room. If I break down and purchase anything, it’s because I really, really want it.